23 April 2008

The Worry Is Over

Each year, every flight attendant that works for a US carrier is required to go to emergency training. This is around 14 hours of computer, book work and hands on activity, in addition to testing our knowledge and proficiency in MANY areas. And I bet you though we just served coffee and tea and read magazines.....

Various facts are read and memorized, to be pulled out when you confront medical emergencies, fire on the aircraft, a decompression, a drunken passenger, etc. An INSANE amount of information is crammed into our heads , swimming around and hopefully accessed when the need arises.

Current facts running through my head are:

-the difference between moderate turbulence and moderate chop (chop is less than turbulence, but both will have rapid bumps or jolts).

-Fireworks are unacceptable as carry-on baggage. This would seem common sense but there is always one.....

-In an explosive decompression there will be dense fog in the cabin and your bodily gas will expand....

-There are 3 types of fire, flammable solid material, flammable liquid and electrical.

-If you are not breathing I will give you 2 rescue breaths followed by 30 chest compressions.

The test day itself is quite stressful, evacuating mock aircraft while shouting at top volume for passengers to release their seat belts and get out while inflating a life vest and checking if there is fire outside my exit door. We also have to perform CPR on a dummy and administer AED.But I did pass, so the worry is over until next April. Yay for me.

18 April 2008

Downtown Los Angeles

It really is the city of angels!

10 April 2008

The Back End of Switzerland

As I left Switzerland a 6 weeks ago, I really need to be done with this! I will be filing my taxes for 2005 after I post this, I am an equal opportunity procrastinator to be sure.....

The above photos is the always filled ashtray outside the Jelmoli department store. Clearly the Swiss have money to burn as they do not even finish their ciggies!! There is still a die hard cadre of smokers here, even Starbucks has a clever invention outside their shop, a metal square, hollow on the sides. You keep your drink below and your cig/ashtray on top,your hot drink is safe from ashes that way...

This is one of those twisty and steep streets in the Niederdorf section of town. Sobriety essential when negotiating these steps!!

This hand is above the door of a youth hostel in Zurich. It is there to remind you of the man above, and why the hostel is there.

You are never far from a cow or cow merchandise in Switzerland. I think this cow stayed behind when the tour of cows came through here years ago.

The Easter bunnies wear their national flag. I would find this offensive practically anywhere else, but the Swiss flag is so iconic it doesn't bother me here.

Getting to Zurich and my time was such a pleasure. leaving was a bi***. The day I had to travel to Garmisch-Partenkirchen , mother nature finally dumped snow here. Flight were cancelled in every direction. Swiss efficiency is amazing when things run according to plan, but they freak out when the unexpected happens. Over 50 flights cancelled and there were 4 agents to sort out hundreds of peoples problems. When you are travelling on a standby ticket, your woes are about as important to them as who won the elections in Zimbabwe. I slunk out to baggage claim and got my bag back. Several frantic phone calls to my friends house, they located a train I could take to get me to Garmisch with only one change. It even left from the airport ( if only US airports could have long distance train stations in airports!) in 5 hours. 5 hours to lug around my stuff. 1 meal, one grocery store visit, much fabulous people watching and one book shop visit later, the train came. 6 hour ride...
At least I was headed in the right direction. Until the train broke down. Then was fixed an hour later. Thank god for the expensive but lifesaving English language book from the bookstore, my iPod was running out of juice!! ( I do speak German but reading a paperback is somewhat headache inducing unless I am in the perfect surroundings).
Finally at 9 pm I arrived in Garmisch, ahead of my friends whose flights diverted or had luggage lost. To think I was worried about being the last to arrive!!

08 April 2008

A Real Snow Day

Funny that my last post was titled Snow Day, as when I got home from my last trip it was snowing HARD in London. Considering it was in the 60s when I left town, I was ill prepared from the walk home from the tube station, heels and a skirt are not the best snow gear after all. This was literally the first accumulation I had seen in a decade of living in London. I charged up my camera batteries and took my post flight nap, excited to snap photos of beautiful snowy London when I woke up. HAH!! Gone, all melted by the time I woke up. At least I have my memories...

02 April 2008

Snow Day!!!

our first snow man, originally uploaded by Luckychair.

When we were children, if it snowed too much school was cancelled. This resulted in an unplanned day full of game shows, soup and running around the house. Today is my adult 'snow day' as my flight to the states was cancelled so I was able to stay home ( with pay!) and do nothing. Sometimes life is really good!