22 October 2008

More Evenings With Celebs

After reading the 40 questions answered, an anonymous poster asked for more celeb stories. I was going to have to scratch my brain when on my flight from London to Los Angeles there sat Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical (in First class of course). They were in London for the premiere of HSM3. I haven't seen HSM or HSM2, but read enough gossip mags to know who these 2 were. Sweet as pie and honest to goodness in lone. I had read that she was a 'beard' for him, but their body language indicated otherwise. What was sad was seeing the WALL of paparazzi meeting them in LA. They hung around in customs until their limo was there, put on hats, glasses and dashed out but still there were screams and recognition. Sort of sad to have to live like that.

Anonymous, here are 2 more older stories for you.

Cher- I had her on flights from LAX to London and back a day later. When she got on the return flight and recognized some of us she whispered to one girl "I am so embarrassed I have on the same outfit you saw me in the other day!" to which the crew member replies, "Don't worry, so do we!" A really class act able to laugh at herself, she adores the concierges that work for the airlines that take care of her, they think the world of her.

Elaine Krakowski and Camryn Mannheim- back when they had newly popular shows several years ago (the Practice and Ally McBeal) they treated themselves to First Class seats on a trip to Paris. They could not have been more appreciative and down to earth. It is always nice to see someones first time in the 'big seats' even more so when you sort of recognize them.