23 October 2007

Overheard in First Class

(This exchange will only be painful to those that know something about wine. Sir, for a full fare first class passenger, you should be ashamed.Hell, anyone that read the wine list should be ashamed.)
He: I want some white wine!!
She: Sir we have a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or a French Burgundy.
He: I wanted CHARDONNAY!!!
She: Sir, the French Burgundy is a chardonnay.
He: Where is it from?
She: *sighs* Burgundy

1 comment:

Salty Sailor said...

thank goodness at ea*yJ*t all of our passengers are first class. I mean "one class".

If a passenger says to me "I'd like a white wine please" I don't say "from which region, madam?".

I say "do you want ice with that?"