10 February 2009

The Cruise Statistics

I recently returned from a 5 day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. I will tell you, dear readers, I was not the person who selected the cruise line (Carnival) or the destination, so please do not judge. Photos will be uploaded shortly and the cruise analyzed in depth. But in the meantime, a few of my cruise statistics for you to enjoy .

Number of days while sailing it was warm enough to truly wear a swimsuit:0
Mullets spotted on men who were unaware it was not still 1983:4
Amount of money I spent in a Mexican pharmacy buying unnamed 'necessities' that are sold over the counter there : $36
Total money won after putting 3 dollars in a slot machine :120
Number of velvet bedazzled jackets with crucifixes on them spotted on men :1
Phone calls from a lovesick Colombian room steward :2
The number of flights I stood by for in an attempt to get home:3
Kilos of guacamole and pico de gallo consumed while in Cozumel :2 (estimate)
Number of years a blue agave plant takes to mature to produce a 'pineapple' from which tequila is eventually made :10
Types of tequila I sampled in appreciation of the above fact :5


mr-stu said...

You saw lots of Mullets then i am finding it so hard to see any these days up here in Manchester. Although when I go to Australia the mullet is alive and well all over :-)

Blondie said...

What ship were you on? I'm going on Navigator of the Seas next week...

DUNCAN said...

Has to be an American or a Lesbian or a Lesbian American.