22 June 2009

Some Gentle Instructions

Dear Passenger, Here are a few tips for successful use of the airplane toilet and its many amenities. 

The drawer above is where you find supplies for ladies as well as ill passengers. It is NOT a place to put used tissues, toilet paper, or hair pulled from your hairbrush. It is clearly labeled no matter the airline or aircraft. Bottom line, if you see unused supplies in a drawer, on a shelf, or behind a door, do not place used items there.

Behold the waste container above. Yes there is a red X on it, but upon examination you will see that applies to cigarettes only. ONLY. This is where all the refuse I see in the container above really needs to go. 

Below you will see a magic button which will whisk away any solids or liquids you leave behind in the toilet on the plane. Gentlemen, do not be afraid, PLEASE push it. If I had a dollar for the amount of times I have entered the toilet after a pilot, or male passenger and there is a sample for me, well, I would be a passenger in first class rather than serving that cabin. I am not familiar with a urinal, but this piece of equipment does need to be flushed. I and the passengers using the toilets after you thank you profusely.



Sky High Boy said...

Hehehe great post Heather!
Its so true, most men think it has one of those auto flush sensor things! D-oh!

Traytable said...

Hahaha did you see my Tweet the other day then??? I was reminding guys that airplane lavs are not urinals! great minds...

Gracey Bee said...

You should do one showing what is considered a "carry-on" item. If I had a dollar for every time I have a woman with her giant handbag on her lap tell me "but its my purse" when I inform her it needs to go under her seat for Taxi, Take-off & landing....I wouldn't have to be a flight attendant.