01 August 2007

La Tomatina!!!

Every once in a while you plan a holiday that gives you pause. My plans to go to, and participate in, La Tomatina in Spain is one of those holidays. Either it will be the most brilliant fun ever..... or I will develop a hatred of all things tomato, there can be no inbetween.

This trip began innocently one lazy day in a travel book store in Covent garden with my friend Jim. I innocently flipped through a Lonely Planet book of festivals and came across this one. My how things would be different if I had opened to the page about Oberammergau or New Orleans. But Bunel it was, and now I plan my trip to willingly throw tomatoes and have them thrown at me. This Lucy and Ethel trip has grown to 6 attendees, all of whom will pelt me mercilessly.

Did I mention you are supposed to wear white to this?? Maybe it is sponsored by Shout!- the official stain remover of La Tomatina?? So tomorrow is my day to purchase a white outfit that I will never wear after the day, possibly some goggles as well...Wish us luck!

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