21 August 2007

Passengers, the good, the bad and the rude!

One of the things I love most about my job is the fact I get to study people and get paid for it. Well, I suppose my employer would say they pay me for serving passengers, but why split hairs?? These past few flights I have had a very interesting cross section of passengers that exemplify everything good and bad about people.

The good- the LOVELY couple that sat in 12HJ on my last San Francisco-London flight. I suppose I could describe them as 'women who wear comfortable shoes'. They are the kind of 'old school' couple that resemble each other they have been paired up so long, finishing each others sentences. They brought us a HUGE box of Sees candies, the type that is so large it is actually heavy. I have actually never seen a box so large and imagine it is usually purchased by a man that has comitted a serious relationship error. It was gift wrapped and with it was the most touching part of all, the note. It thanked us for all we did everyday, for being well trained and hoping that all that training never had to be used. They also stated they would never forget September 11th. The note, paraphrased poorly , was what stayed with me . I am sure the 5+ chocolates will have residual staying power, but the fact these ladies thought of us in advance really got me. Sadly, as they were transferring through London with a liquid restriction- we could not offer a return gift. They replied that us doing our jobs was all the thanks they wanted!!!

The bad-the JERK in 13J on the way to San Francisco. We often have cruise ship passengers travelling in business class- they are paying full fare and deserve the good service that comes with it. They do, however, need to remember that I am not PingPong the Phillipino servant that put dogs made of sunglasses on their beds next to the mints. This JERK had a seat malfunction before takeoff, it was repaired about 3 minutes later. After the meal he came into the galley and carped about how his bed would not go down. Thinking he expected a lie flat seat , I replied that it merely reclines,not goes flat. He snapped that the 'frickin thing' would not recline at all. Again, within 3 minutes the seat easily went back- he had been pressing the wrong button. He then barked'Thats all it reclines, thats SHIT!!'. Thanks for the cursing, pal. During the flight he easily drank a bottle and a half of champagne. Later, he actually clapped his hands loudly and repeatedly to get water. He looked so much like a seal I wanted to throw him a fish rather than get him a drink. By the end of the flight even his wife screamed at him to shut up, he was pissing her off too!! men like that make me happy to wake up alone. (Well for a day anyway.)