08 September 2007

My heart belongs to Santiago.....Calatrava

Who knew the charm that is southern Spain?? Apparently everyone did but me!! My last time in Spain consisted of a few rainy dreary days in Madrid filled with galleries and......sleep. Not a trip that filled me with a longing to return to that country. After all I did already have the passport stamp.
The Tomatina festival ( which will be documented when film is developed) prompted a return to Espana. I figured that the tomato throwing would be the highlight,bookended by some sangria and sun. The 'bookends' surrounding the festival were worthy of a vacation in itself-in fact so loverly that it would have been a worthwhile trip even without the joy of the adult food fight.
Our hotel was a bit on the outskirts of the city proper, but as it was in sight of one of Santiago Calatravas masterpieces, all was well. If possible for someone with no architecture education, I am a bit of a groupie for his work. Something about the soaring beauty of his work fills me with joy. Difficult for someone as sarcastic as me to be filled with joy- but true. The crush began the first time I saw his art gallery in Milwaukee ,Wisconsin open its wings in the morning light. It was deepened seeing this building. Had Valencia not been such a magnificent city I could have spent all of my time gazing at this structure. As soon as photos are downloaded, I will detail the beauty of Valencias churches,music and mercados.