17 September 2007

5 Things I Love About My Job

  1. Uniforms. There is something really freeing about wearing a uniform . in the morning, when the brain is most challenged, there is something delightful about the fact my largest decision is short sleeve or long? Off black stockings or nude?
  2. Free food and drink. I love that there is , at all times, a complete bar cart at my disposal. (Minus the liquor of course,although that is on the menu for some). Have a hankering for a diet coke? Pop the top, no fishing for coins. No packing a lunch or saving money for lunch hour. I will admit that dining while standing or on a jumpseat perilously close to a toilet is a less than ideal venue,but the price is right. Were the meals left over, i could literally eat 20 economy chickens. I only know this is possible as I have seen it done. I would not reccommend it .
  3. The office view. My flatmate longs for a mere window in her open plan office area. hell, she really longs for the copier to not belch fumes on her while she works. If I look out the window, on various flights I have been treated to views of Rio de Janeiro,the Great Pyramids,the fires burning on the oilfields in the Middle East, the illuminated border of pakistan and India, and the Manhattan skyline. No one has a better view.
  4. The time off. Depending on the trips I bid, I average 12-18 days off a month. That is a full time job. There is something wonderfully decadent about having a Tuesday to go to a matinee, or not worrying about getting time off for a doctors appointment. Shopping in an empty store at 10am,not fighting the crowds.
  5. Free toiletries at hotels. I cant remember the last time I purchased shampoo. Or soap for that matter. If I don't care for it myself the sample sizes go to a homeless shelter, but I always look forward to them. Always great for vacation or giving to the aunt that collects them in a basket in her guest room.


Salty Sailor said...

I still wouldn't swap your glamorous long-haul lifestyle for my short-haul lo-cost European carrier. I love getting home every night.

Mind you, I'd love to experience long-haul for a month or two, just to see what all the hoo-ha is about. Fancy a swap? lol

Nia said...

Are you required to wear stockings, even in the summer? I've always wondered.

Heather said...

Nia, Yes we are required to wear stockings all year round! I think all airlines that have a suit type uniform require them with a skirt. At my carrier you can wear trouser socks with trousers. I think more casual airlines like Southwest do not require them.