24 September 2007

Orange you glad you don't wear an easyjet uniform?

Now that half the Spain photos are developed, here is the travelogue before jetheimers kicks in!! Cin and I bought REAL tickets (ie non standby,ie expensive!) on Easyjet to Valencia. Sweet Jesus, how I appreciate my airline after seeing their workday and uniform.....

Those poor crews have the UGLIEST uniforms possible. Skirts and trousers with the 'hint' of denim in the form of faux topstitching, with a shiny orange shirt to top it off. Lest I forget, the apparent option of a quilted vest to wear over that. Yes, I would LOVE to add pounds to my figure with a quilted vest, on a hot aircraft. Talk about things that make you go hmmmm.....

The crew had to sell everything,. which makes me feel better about only having to sell booze and duty free. Selling food and scratch cards. I am not sure what the prize was, it appeared to be MORE scratch cards. After continuously serving the oh so thirsty British males behind me, who bought beer in increments of 10, they had to clean the plane. I guess I have it better than I thought.

Kudos to the crew for being friendly and patient with the travelling masses, they aren't even rewarded with a layover in sunny Spain!!


Genevieve said...

Hey Heather, enjoying the stories! (Thanks for my first comment:))
Anyway, this totally reminds me of when I got hired. They flew me up to EWR for the interview, but my return flight got cancelled, so I had to switch terminals and hang out with some other airlines.
At the time I was all torn up deciding if my particular carrier was the right choice, but after watching the other employment option handle their flights (and chatting with their passengers!) I was utterly convinced I had it good.
Keep having fun (and get a digital camera!)

The Nasty Stewardess said...

this is hilarious! Thankfully the uniform has changed into something more reminiscent of a proper airline.

I loved "the prize appeared to be MORE scratchcards"!!!!.... lol. Very true. It's humiliating to sell them onboard but at the end of the day, they do give us free shares in the company every year so it's in our interest to get as much cash out of the passengers as humanly possible!