09 September 2007

The Meanest Link

While staying at home Saturday night ( hey, I had a cold!!) I happened to catch a special 'celebrity' edition of the Weakest Link. The celebrities in question were 'glamour models' and WAGs- 2 descriptions that only people in England understand. In the states I suppose we would call glamour models ...well I can think of what you call gals that pose topless in newspapers because that doesnt happen at home. We also don't make celebrities out of professional atheletes girlfriends, which is a bit odd since everyone else can be a celebrity in America.

The girls all had unique spellings of their names like Amii or Linsey or Charley. The host, Anne Robinson felt is was completely acceptable to ask the breast sizes of the contestants. WTF??? Their assets were obvious, did you really need to demean them further than the simplified questions that were asked?? While I giggled at their not knowing what an exchequer was, or tempestuous meant, did you really need to ask the cup size?? Come on Anne, their 'intellect' was funny enough,and it was for charity after all. A little mercy would have gone a long way.