06 May 2008

A Very Unphotogenic Holiday

I am in the middle of three weeks off. No glam travel destinations, frothy drink in hand, dipping my toe in a pool. No... I am at my brothers house on the first leg of the 'Family Obligation Tour 2008'. The brother that has twin babies and 2 dogs. Thrilling times, cleaning up dog poop, baby poop, walking dogs and feeding babies who would rather wear the food than eat it. I would not miss spending time with them for the world but there is not much to snap photos of here in suburbia, the only culture is a civil war battle site up the road. (Monocacy if you are curious).

At least my brother lives in the year 2008. My father lives in a town that has not changed since the Waltons and I can prove that with a photo of the school crossing sign where the children are wearing knee length shorts ( knickers?)

So the blog is a little quiet, not due to lack of interest but due to lack of excitement. When the flying returns, so will I!!!


Blondie said...

Get yourself to a store immediately and grab a cheap bottle of wine! It is the only known cure for the Fam-Ob Tour!

DUNCAN said...

Hope you grabbed some Airplane Mini's for your trip.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally stumbled over your blog. As an American who loves London, I took a moment to read one of your posts...then another...and soon found that I'd wasted an hour reading and laughing my way through your blog!

Just wanted to thank you for the fun! You have a great way with words.


Anonymous said...

Flight attendants don't get passport stamps...

Heather said...

Actually sometimes crew members DO get passport stamps, depending on passport held and country trevelled to. I , as a US passport holder, have sometimes even had my passport stamped when coming into the US. My collecting of passport stamps though, admittedly, is more from personal travles.