06 March 2009

Today I Lost A Friend

Sorry I have not been updating regularly. After returning from a Mexico trip ( I PROMISE to post the pics) I worked 16 days without a day off. Back and forth across the Atlantic. Never any idea the day of the week. Now I leave for Sweden, the Arctic Circle, to be precise for some skiing at an airline ski week. 

But a damper is put on it as I have learned a friend just passed away. She was a colleague that had been fighting lung cancer, a disease rather cruel for a non smoker like herself. Things looked hopeful until she had a collapsed lung over the weekend and passed the Monday after.

I feel particularly terrible as I never made the time to contact her during her illness. I would get her email address with the best of intentions, then not write. Time and again, and now it is too late. Fiona, I will miss you in spite of my lackluster communication.

She was a wonderful purser to fly with, always bringing the crew things like fresh limes from a friends orchard while on a layover in San Francisco, or buying champagne for the crew that flew a New years Eve trip with her. If your home was remotely on her drive home ( mine was) there was always a free ride for you . She also took care of her aging mother, that is who I really feel for.

Fiona, rest in peace.

I will be away snowboarding for a week, will return with postings then.