10 April 2009

Back...with a vengance??

Okay, It HAS been a really long time. Sorry dear reader... During my time way I went snowboarding in the Arctic Circle, crossed the Atlantic 8 times in 12 days, went snowboarding in Crested Butte. Colorado, had a few hot dates and was temporarily distracted by Mafia Wars on Facebook.

The photos from the cruise in...um...February will be up tomorrow. It will be a little longer for the Sweden photos as I cleverly removed my camera from my Mac before all were downloaded and corrupted the photo files. All 200 photos. Working on restoring them....If any Mac junkies have suggestions, all I can seem to find are programs for PCs...

I have been reading Julie & Julia which details the authors quest to cook all of one of Julia Childs cookbook 's recipes in a year and blog about it. Each page made me feel guiltier about not updating mine! So hopefully the coming weeks will have flights chock full of kooky passengers, crew members and fun layovers to document.  The hot dates will NOT be documented as I have found out one of my readers is my brother . See you tomorrow!!  


Traytable said...

Argh Mafia Wars sucked me in too!

DUNCAN said...

Its about time you returned!