15 December 2007

the Lavdance, Will It Catch On Like the Safety Dance??

Delta Airlines has recently released a series of videos called 'palneguage'. They highlight dubious behaviour onboard planes by passengers. The lavdance one reminds me of a few universal rules that passengers should follow to makt the public bathroom a kinder experience for everyone.

Men, the toilets are not urinals, they require flushing.

The public toilets are not a place to bring in magazines. I do not care if you have installed a bookshelf in your home bathroom, this is not a place to linger. Others are waiting...

Ladies, If you need to do major beauty overhauls, please use the time before everyone else wakes up or go while the carts are in the aisle. Right before landing with 20 passengers tapping their foot outside the door is not the time to reapply makeup.

Parents, If you change a childs diaper, do not hand it to me in the galley. You do not disponse of your little angels diapers at home in your kitchen, this is the same. Put them in a sick bag, seal it and place in the lav garbage.

The utility drawer( the place where you find sick bags and sanitary pads) is not a trash. Please do not wad up toilet paper and place it there.

Latsly, please drain the sink when you are done. No one wants to encounter a sinkfull of cloudy toothpaste water.

A little consideration of others goes a long way on the plane.Thanks!!

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