21 December 2007

Reason # 7 Why Ambien and Liquor Do Not Mix

Please learn something from the cautionary tale about the man travelling on a buddy pass in economy. Mr.X washed down his Ambien with a few glasses of red wine. After flirting shamelessly with his female seatmate, the wine kicked in and he excused himself to the toilet. Somehow the Ambien took over and he flushed his trousers down the toilet. Truly. He entered the toilet with them on, when he left they were no where to be seen, nor in the wastebasket. What was seen was the thong he was wearing as he waddled back to his seat. When Mr.X woke up he had no memory of the prior events. He left the aircraft wrapped in a blanket fashioned into a sarong in a wheelchair.

Please do not be Mr.X. Friends do not let friends mix liquor and Ambien in an aircraft. Julie C. do not ever give Mr.X a buddy pass again.

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