18 December 2007

Overheard in Business Class

She: My feet are sore, can you give me a foot massage??
He: NO!!!

This was asked of a crew member midflight. No, I do not work for the airline with the onboard beauty therapist, but even they do over clothing only neck and shoulder massages!! Some things asked of us by passengers make me wonder where the Candid Camera is hiding.....I do not even like to rub my own feet, much less someone elses, what the heck was this lady thinking??? I am glad she asked my lovely Dutch coworker this question, I would not have been able to keep a straight face in my reply!!!

There are many odd things I have done for passengers while flying including but not limited to:

Changing refugee babies diapers upon descent as the parents had never seen disposible diapers.

Cleaning up copious amounts of vomit. Rarely do the passengers thank you for this task.

Helping an incontinent woman in the lav get her clothes back on.

Giving a passenger some of my clothes as they had been vomited upon.

So you can see I am not bothered by much but no, NONE of us will rub your feet lady. It bacame a running joke with the other passengers, they all started asking for back rubs and hand massages. it is interesting that when you have a real pain in the ass passenger, the others seem to compensate for he/she. That lady was a real princess and the massage request was only the tip of the iceberg.

*A thank you to the lady in 8E who gave me the handful of gossippy magazines!! Much appreciated!!

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