05 February 2008

Please Pass the Syrup

Today is Shrove tuesday, the day that the annual Pancake races are held in London. There are at least 3 pancake races, Near Tower Hill, Guildhall in the Square Mile and the one I attended in Spitalfields. It is held on Dray Lane, off Brick Lane and this year the money collected went towards Londons Air Ambulance.
Teams of 4 in various costumes compete in this light hearted race. Each racer in the relay runs with a frying pan holding a pancake. The pancake must be flipped at certain points along the way. Some runners had better luck than others, with pancakes ending up on the ground.
After all the heats, the finals occurred. The winners were a team called Execution, which was a firm located on the street. Their matching printed shirts were in contrast to the others, some of which were superheroes, the ingredients in a pancake, 'flippers' and tennis players from the 70s complete with John mcEnroe frizzy hair with headbands.
The crowds cheered for everyone and this is definitely a great way to spend a lunch hour( if you are bored on Shrove Tuesday that is). If interested in running, the event is organized by alternative arts. I am trying to think of 3 people I can con into this, and appropriate costumes as I write...

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