03 February 2008

You Can Leave Your Pants On

Just when I think that Perhaps I am a magnet for weird passenger 'events' like the pant flusher or the slapping Slav, I hear stories that make me realize I am not alone. Our cockpit crew on this flight was unusually fun and cool, so one of the girls left her bra in the pilot break area as a joke for the captain to find when he went on break. He popped his head out of the break area a minute later, red faced and laughing. We laughed about this on the crew bus, and asked him if he found the panties that went with them.

This prompted the first officer to tell a story about an air marshall trapped next to a woman in economy who could not keep her clothes on. She was seated in economy and her boyfriend in business class. The poor air marshall was trapped next to this homely woman. Midflight, apropos of nothing she lifted up her skirt and removed her panties. She rang her call button and asked a crew member to bring them to her boyfriend in seat 9D. Apparently the crew member got a linen of some sort to put the panties in and dropped the whole package on the mans lap and walked away. What you want to do to spice up your love life, none of us care but do not ask us to handle your unmentionables!

Lest the story end there, after becoming panty free the woman got rather bored ( perhaps she expected her boyfriend to whick her off to the nearest lav, who knows?) and began to hit on the air marshall. Were she not so ugly it might have been amusing but I imagine that made for one damn long flight for him.

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Annette from Tropicaltravel.net said...

Oh, travelling always gives you the best stories and best interractions with unusual people. Very funny. Keep up the good work!