31 March 2008

Knock Knock

Many times at work I often wonder what motivates people to do or act how they do. The man in 11D today, oh how I longed to ask him why on earth he felt the need to KNOCK on the drink/meal/dessert cart as it went by when he wanted service.

Sir, I have stopped and served each passenger before you. I am moving my cart back so I may see you as I ask you what you would like to drink or eat. The cart weights over 100 lbs, it is not as though I can race past you with it, I am wearing heels after all. If you need some sort of urgent attention, please look at me or ring your call button. Lord knows I have sometimes felt an immediate and urgent need for a cocktail but it has never made me feel I will get it quicker if I knock on the cart.......patience my friend.........

I wish I had paid better attention in my psych classes in college to sort out what motivates people.

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