14 March 2008

The Part No One Tells You About

I am on a 'layover' at home right now. I arrived home from Chicago today, and fly to San Francisco tomorrow. My 'layover' at home is 24 hours. 24 hours to unpack, repack, rest, do laundry, eat and sleep. All while fighting some jet lag. A perfect excuse to remain in jammies the whole day.Not leave the apartment. Watch crap TV ( well this is England!) like the Simpsons, Space 1999 or Judge Judy. These are my choices for Friday night TV, clearly that is why the rest of the world is out and about tonight. I actually love spending these nights at home, though I wish my fridge was a bit better stocked.

Every once in a while there is nothing better than slumming in flannel pajamas, while painting your nails, eating junk food, swapping dirty clothes from your suitcase with clean ones and catching up with friends online. I remember a Sex and the City episode where Carrie wrote about secret single behavior ( eating Ritz crackers while reading Vogue) , tonight is my secret stew behavior.


Blondie said...

Damn! You have "outed" the SSB!!! Please don't tell anyone that I tivo Judge Judy!!

Anonymous said...

I love secret single behaviour, I indulge in SSB whenever my byfrnd is away. There really is nothing quite like it. Cool blog by the way!

Katie said...

Every day after I got home for a trip, I would literally sleep until 4 or 5 the next evening and wouldn't bother showering or changing out of my pjs until the next morning when I woke up. I got flown so little, I could usually repeat this behavior 2 or 3 days in a row, though, and I frequently did. One of the great things about being stuck on your reserve days far away from family, friends, and your boyfriend...nobody cares how bad you smell. =P