30 March 2008

Laziness, or the lost Niederdorf post

Lazy is as lazy does.Or doesn't in my case. I posted these photos, yet neglected to write an accompanying post. When I realized I left Switzerland a MONTH ago, even I could not justify my tardiness.

When visiting my dear friend Monique on in Switzerland in February I was able to make it to the Distillerie zur Schnapsboutique, something I had seen on a Passport to Europe travel show. This distillerie is a small shop, seen below, filled with glass bowls filled with all sorts of yummy liqueurs, schnapps, oils and vinegars. There are an assortment of glass holders to put the liquids in. They ranged from the everyday bottle to elaborate blown glass ships, cars and other shapes that would NEVER survive an airline flight home. If the shopkeeper is in a good mood ( iffy) you will get an explanation and taste of whatever you are interested in. Worth a peek even if you do not plan to buy.The distillerie is located at Napfgasse 3, right off the Muenstergasse and across from the best place to get a hot chocolate in Zurich, Cafe Schober...

The cake below is a typical Swiss birthday cake , seen in the window of Cafe Schober. I will have to make a point to visit there in October to finagle a Swiss birthday cake from my friends. It looks as though it weighs about 10 pounds and is a lot more sophisticated than the Duncan Hines yellow cakes of my childhood. My Duncan Hines had 'chocolate flavor' frosting from a tub. Not quite the same I think...
Right where the Napfgasse meets the Muenstergasse is a lovely old fashioned shop whose window you can see below. If you enter the shop it is like stepping back to a time where you told the shopkeeper what you wanted rather than selecting it yourself. There were about a dozen types of butter in cold tubs, dozens of coffees, sweets, etc. It is nice to see that these things still exist in our fast paced world.

If you explore the Niederdorf section make sure to wear comfortable, yet stylish shoes. The streets are cobblestone and STEEP. These buildings are hundreds of years old and still have names rather than numbers. Each building is a photo op and each street is a sprained ankle waiting to happen!

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laradunston said...

You have me missing Switzerland. I'll have to check out that distillery on my next visit.

Won't you please blog about the Heathrow madness?! Please please please!