17 July 2008

A Long Evening With the D-Listers

Just got home from Denver...a mere 3 hours late. Board the plane, seat the passengers, take meal orders, develop a mechanical problem which involved no air con. A group summer ensued. Change aircraft repeat above steps.

Suffering along with were Captain Mark Phillips and Corbin Bernsen. Phillips is the ex of Princess Anne. We seen to be the airline of choice for ex royals and lesser royals. Maybe BA revokes their flying privileges when the marriage dissolves? Bernsen played a shiny blond lawyer on LA Law in the 80s. No more hair, shiny or otherwise. Both very nice to have onboard, I am glad to see Capt. Phillips has lost his wink he used to give whenever you spoke to him. About anything. Or...maybe I am now to old to merit the wink. I am fine with either option.

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DUNCAN said...

summer flying!....oh what fun......