25 July 2008

Words fail, and jetways too!!

Just imagine- you finish your layover , take the hotel bus to the airport and board your flight. You preform your safety checks , count the meals, set up your galley, board the passengers and are all ready to go. Suddenly the jetway slowly lowers itself. Lowers itself so far that the canopy of the jetway takes the frickin boarding door off the aircraft. Completely. Door is on the tarmac. Talk about a bad start ( and finish) to your day as a crew or a passenger. This happened this week to a Lufthansa flight headed from Denver to Munich on the 20th. The plane was still there, minus the door when I arrived there a few days later.

When you add in the pilots strike there (Lufthansa) and their cabin crew as well as ground staff voting on a strike, Lufthansa is having a bad month.