29 April 2010

A Very Random Flight

A typical day in the life...working a flight to Washington DC from Frankfurt...

After the crew briefing, where we see who we are flying with, how full the flight is ( a face in every window and an a** in every seat) we pick our proverbial poison and decide where to work. Business class galley for me please.

Head to security, where a beep as I pass through the metal detector gets me more groping from the female security staffer than I allow men to get on a date. Usually people buy me dinner before that sort of thing.

Lug bags down to bus, which takes to aircraft. Lug bags up airstairs, cursing my decision to pack hardcover books in my tote bag.

Do safety checks, get galley ready for flight, catch up on miscellaneous gossip with crew over tea and coffee, board passengers.

Passenger asks if it alright if he swaps seats with another passenger. I explain, if they do not mind, it is fine with us. (Please remember this for later, it comes into play).

Walk up to first class where a boarding passenger tries to tear me a new one for the fact he has to walk up stairs.. I want to ask him if Singapore girls carry him up the stairs on their backs, but I bite my tongue..

Flight proceeds smoothly, until a passenger comes into the galley and faints in my arms. Well, he was heavy so admittedly he was only in my arms for a second before he hit the floor. After half an hour of TLC, he was alright to return to his seat.

Crew rest, where I use a galley bin, a hot water bottle and and eye mask in a futile effort to rest for 90 minutes next to a twitching colleague. Wake feeling like I have been pulled behind a train for 20 miles.

Notice mother with a sickly toddler had been in toilet for a very long time, while the child is making the sounds of a caged animal. They come out and she explains the child had a virus and was sick all over the toilet. To her credit , she tried to clean it, but ......

Time to glove up and get out my can of Lysol... ugh, not a pretty 15 minutes but the lav is soon clean enough...

Start the second meal service and practice my acting and persuasion skills selling the less popular meal choice to passengers ... The Oscar goes to ...

Getting ready for landing, a woman NOW decides to tell us how unhappy she was that a family made her change seats without asking.. This was the man I spoke to during boarding, apparently he decided he really didn't need to ask them at all...

Flight ends, get into immigration and see the Saudia and Iberia crews in front of us, waiting to be processed. Time to pull out the book, as it will be a long wait ( Note to self, research Global Entry program..)

Make way through horde in customs hall, wedge self onto tiny crew bus, where we are packed tighter than economy ( sitting next to the tiny crew members is always a good choice ).

Get change for 5 dollars as at this point it is 2 am for my body clock, and the vending machine in the basement of the hotel is more appealing than getting changed and going to the grocery store or out to dinner...( One bag of skittles and one of Doritos is my sad meal tonight).

Collapse in a heap in my bed.

Glamor....not there today...


Miss Footloose said...

I travel a lot. I'm always nice. I never leave the toilets dirtier than I found them.

And no, I do not think you have a glamorous job!

I do enjoy your posts!

Savvy Navigator said...

Oh yes, definitely explore the Global Entry program. I love, love, love it and cant imagine ever re-entering a US gateway again without it.

Blondie said...

Guuuurrlll....I hope you had an adult beverage with that Skitoritos dinner! And, yes! Global Entry is worth every penny!

Flygirl said...

"Usually people buy me dinner before that sort of thing. "

Girl you crack me up! I've used that line before. Going through security once they asked me to unbuckle my belt and I said they had to buy me dinner first.
They didn't laugh. They sent me to the full body scanner instead. Hahahah, oops?

Love the blog!