03 May 2010

Merges and Messes and Meals

Merge ahead... wow. I think this is a good thing and am actually excited and hopeful about the future of our combined companies. Heck, as long as I get a new uniform and the paychecks still clear, what is not to be happy about??

The photo above is the remnants of the messiest passenger I have ever seen on an aircraft, bar none. The photo makes the pile appear far smaller than it was, which was close to 9 inches high. Medicine containers, used Kleenex, torn newspaper contributed to this archaeological dig. Curiously, in person he was quite polite and rather tidy. I can only wonder what his home looks like.
This is the level of 'fanciness' of my usual crew meal. Eaten quickly, usually while standing with a can of caffeine nearby. (No, I am not really sure what I was eating either...)
Behold the table my French colleague Stephane sets up every flight. He fills the wine glass with water and makes every meal special. I would not have expected this from a former shepherd. ( I asked , and no, they are not issued a crook to herd the sheep, nor do they wear a fancy hat).


Kat said...

Love the fancy table setup!!! I'm surprised she actually has time to set that up without being disturbed by someone wanting something...

Miss Footloose said...

How strange that someone who looks tidy makes such a mess. He must have traveled with his feet right on top of the garbage heap!

I've seen flight attendants eating food substances no better than what the economy class passengers are offered. If this is a regular part of your overall diet, I hope you stay healthy.