13 January 2011

Dear 9J

Dear 9J,

You seemed to really enjoy using your iPad on the flight. I am the first to admit...jealous. However it was a little too kind of you to leave your iPad in your seat for me.

NO, I did not keep it! It was turned into a concerned gate agent along with your name. We shouted your name on the people mover going to the terminal in Washington, you must have been connecting and going the other way.

This brings me to my point, which I need to follow as well. LABEL your electronic devices!!! It is more than once passengers have left phones, computers etc not only on aircraft, but at the security area as well.

The black covers everyone purchases for the iPads help them to blend in, I use a brightly colored striped ( okay some might say garish) bag for my Mac, but you can be sure its hideous colors catch my eye and it is not forgotten!

One crew member had her white Mac blend in so well with the security bin that a TSA worker put it back in the pile of bins, luckily she ran back to retrieve it!

PLEASE, put an address label, or even just a piece of tape with your email address on things. If you lost it on my flight I WILL take the time to mail it to you.

This is a traveling public service announcement.

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