02 January 2011

Painted Ladies

I am providing a brief palate cleanser before I write about my New Years trip. Something light, fluffy and appealing to the eye... if you like bright colors.

I was recently in Coconut Grove, Florida visiting my Boy Who Flies (BWF). He was called out to work a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina and as the flight was full I entertained myself in warm sunny South Florida. South Florida is filled with many men who look like Santa gone bad, but I was a little reluctant to photograph them. Between them and the homeless woman who wanted money to buy Vagisil ( a new approach) I was not hard up for good people watching there.

Coconut Grove hosts a series of peacock statues on parade , sort of similar to the cows that travelled the world . The peacocks were created by local artists and are scattered throughout
Coconut Grove ( well the safer parts anyway).


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LOVE the peacocks!