01 November 2007

10 Celebrities I Have Spent the Night With

Before you get excited, I will remind you that I work all-nighter flights so my definition of spending the night with someone is different than most. Some are more famous than others, and some are definitely more memorable than others. In no particular order, I offer you my random 10 celebrities.

1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen- This was long before the days of anorexia, they were still teens. Teens that wore Chanel and Marc Jacobs to be sure. They were dream passengers, polite,quiet and with exceedingly well behaved hangers on. Their lawyer (who resembled Kramer from Seinfeld ) got the names of any crew members that had children and sent them incredibly large boxes of the girls videos, dolls and clothes. Large, appliance sized boxes.

2.Newt Gingrich- As a rabid Democrat I really wanted to dislike him, I swear I did. He had actually aged so much it was only the paperwork that made me match the name to his celebrity status. it was his lovely ( and much younger ) wife Calista that won me over. She was so friendly I felt like maybe we would be doing lunch or catching a flick together next time I was in Dc. Well, not really but you know what I mean.

3.George Michael- In case you think I am fawning over each celeb, let me introduce the passenger who needed a seat for his ego. Mr.Michael ( who has a long, tongue twisting Greek surname) feels he is above speaking to a member of the crew. His associate would repeat everything I said to George, who would whisper his reply which was relayed to me. Talk about a time waster. No one sitting in first class gave a hoot who he was and I think that disturbed him. His rudeness caused me to inform the people waiting outside customs that George Michael was entering soon, and filled them in on what he was wearing. Being that this was Brazil, he surely had a shrieky mob on his hands as he left customs.

4.Patricia Neal-What a class act. This lady was classy from head to toe. She exuded elegance in a way that people today do not. Her stroke did not diminish her classiness at all. Beauty knows all ages and anyone would be lucky to look like her in their golden years. Sophie Dahl, you have a cool granny!!

5.Michael Hutchence- He was on his way to Australia for the final time. He looked so very kooky,scruffy,dirty that I asked for his boarding card, he did not look like a typical business class passenger. Once I realized who he was I will freely admit I asked the gate agents to upgrade him,which they did. He had trouble making eye contact with anyone and seemed really sad.

6.Sarah Ferguson ( aka Princess Fergie)- Funny and down to earth. We seem to get all the 'lesser' royals, I suppose British Airways has a lock on all the big royals. Fergie got on the plane looking like a million bucks (500,000 pounds with the current exchange rate). She took off her makeup, changed out of her designer suit and then became so every day plain Jane that she could have been anyone. She told us to call her whatever we wanted ( no official titles for her, too snobby!) and mentioned whatever we called her would certainly be kinder than names the press had thought up. Before landing she reversed the process and became the glamour girl again.

7.Jane Seymour- Her sister works as a customer service agent for my carrier at Heathrow. She sits in first or business class while the children sit in the back with the nannies. She is lovely but seems to have no handle on the kids. Never went back to check on them. Ever. During an 11 hour flight.

8.Marilyn Mansons band- Not outright celebs by name themselves, but they move in that world. They looked so creepy that one passenger asked to be moved from sitting next to the drummer, offering some crap excuse as to why. We had to sit an employees daughter next to him. He ended up chatting with this young lady the whole flight ( not in a creepy perv way) and when he found out that her friend was a fan- he had the whole band autograph something for this girl. You would presume the band would drink whiskey and try to smoke, but they has vegetarian meals and drank herbal tea the whole flight. Don't tell anyone, I am sure it would damage their credibility!!

9.Renee Zellweger -This was several years ago when she was at the height of her celebrity. Small and skinny. And shy. And skinny,it needs to be said again. 'Nuff said.

10.Muhammed Ali- The most gracious of passengers. His impairment was painfully obvious yet he never let it slow him down. He had collected his Sportsman of the Century Award in London, who could think of someone more worthy? His assistant told us he would happily sign autographs for any crew member or passenger that wanted one. His smile was contagious. When we landed, the cheers he got from the crowd truly strengthened him and he gained energy from the adulation. A real hero.

This list does not include all or the worst celebrity offenders, but is a pretty good start. The next 10 will include 2 presidents,2 celebutants and 2 caught in the act!! If anyone has had celebrity passengers, or sat near one, please dish the dirt!!


Anonymous said...

Exuded, baby. Drop that H.

Moody said...

Wow, this was really interesting to read. Totally surprised by the Manson band lol.

Heather said...

Anon, Thanks for the correction, seriously!! Exude has no 'h' but spell check does, clearly I neglected that!!

Moody, No one was more suprised by mansons band than I. Really nice and polite, very low key. I guess when you get to act out on stage there is not much left but polite for others. Most bands are generally very nice and friendly and often offer comp tickets as well.

Freddie Sirmans said...

Just browsing the internet. You have a very, very interesting blog.

Heather said...

Fredie, Thank you for the kind words, please stop in again!!

The Nasty Stewardess said...

wow... impressive. You can imagine the sort of Z-Listers we get on our lo-cost aircraft! People from Big Brother etc.