18 November 2007

As Overdue As My Library Books....Valencia

I am aware that this trip was taken in late August and it is now mid November. ( I am also aware that my 2006 taxes have not been sent in , but I digress.) These are some photos from our trip to attend la Tomatina 2007, as well as try to soak in a little culture from Valencia and Granada, Spain. Above is a shot of the Valencia's cathedral, it was actually well worth the admission fee as was a 'microcosm of the city's architectural history' . Those are Lonely Planets clever words, not mine. Lord knows the guys we travelled with were not into culture, it is just as well they were eating ice cream outside as they would have started crying as we put on the tour headsets. They were also scared of eating fartons, why did we bring them along??
This statue of the Virgin Mary is one that pregnant women make offerings to in order to have a safe pregnancy. There were loads of posies and notes at her feet. If I remember correctly the pregnant woman had to walk around the statue 9 times (one for each month??)
This was a funky costume shop off the Plaza de la Virgen. Man would they love Halloween! It is not often you get the opportunity to see an outdoor disco ball.
This gorgeous window was for a fabric shop in the center of town. The window was really the only thing of beauty, the store was drab and filled with bolts of dark cloth. At least the window designer had a little fun.
This fountain was in the center of the Plaza de la Virgen, which is surrounded by churches, restaurants and cafes. It is a great place to eat dinner as the area is a hive of activity. (The Restaurant el Generalife, which overlooks this square, does a great dinner and gets crowded, go early!!)

The gent reclining in the fountain above represents the Rio Turia, and the eight 'maidens' with their gushing pots represent the main irrigation canals flowing from it. I guess the 'gushing' stopped about the same time we stopped describing girls as maidens......

Chapter 2 of this tale will include riding on a train for which we had tickets for the day before,what shoes not to wear, and how the lonely planet guidebook can protect white pants from dirt, stay tuned!!

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