28 November 2007

Have I Joined the Circus??

Sometimes after seeing the cast of characters on the plane, I wonder if I have indeed joined the circus. All the people watching is certainly the greatest show on earth . A colleague contacted us and told us that we were working a trip that a 'very unusual' friend of theirs was on. We scanned the gate room and found the tattooed man, the smallest man on earth ( a midget) , and the bearded lady ( a transvestite). The bearded lady was indeed the friend. One of our pilots also played the harmonica to passengers while they boarded and had a rubber chicken attached to his suitcase, which makes him the worlds kookiest man.


HP said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to see another stew, especially one named Heather! - on line. :)

The Other Heather

laradunston said...

Is this really true??? I don't doubt you! Love your blog by the way. I've mentioned it in a post about air travel blogs on my own travel blog. I hope this 'break' of yours isn't permanent. I find your blogs very entertaining.

laradunston said...

I've checked out a lot of the blogs on your roll that I didn't have, but if you know of any other entertaining air travels please let me know. I also love Airline Confidential - must read the book.