05 December 2008

Computer Says No

Sorry for the total lack of postings. My laptop is being repaired yet again. if it were human it would have a Do Not Resuscitate order on it. As soon as it is up and running, I will be back with photos and posts. I am realizing being without a laptop how very addicted to email I have become!!


DWC said...

The University of California, San Francisco in a study involving flight attendants over the age of 40 with a minimum of 5 years flight experience. We are looking at the effects of second hand smoke and its correlation with lung and heart disease.

The survey is at: http://www.imenet.net/UCSFQuest/

More information regarding the study can be found at: http://www.tobacco.ucsf.edu/index.cfm?ucsfaction=famriclinic.main

If you have any suggestions on how to reach other flight attendants, please let me know as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I thank you for your time and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at dchan@medicine.ucsf.edu...thanks!

DUNCAN said...

Computer says no!, don;t you just love "Little Britain USA"?