29 December 2008

What Is That Smell?

I should be in London right now, sleeping after a flight from Chicago to London Heathrow. Instead I write from a hotel room in suburban Chantilly, Virginia, near Dulles airport. Why is that? Where to begin...

Our flight was on the dreaded plane we knew had diverted a few weeks ago to Montreal, Canada, due to an engine problem. We were briefed before the flight that the crew on the inbound flight had smelled an electrical acrid odor and the galley power in economy was shut off. The mechanics do take things like this VERY seriously and were up in the crawl space, looking for sources of burning, worn wire, etc when it was in Chicago. They tore everything apart but found nothing. So lucky crew that we were, got the plane for our flight to London. A few hours into the flight, the burning smell came back. Cockpit took it VERY seriously, memories of Swissair in their minds. So were were supposed to divert to Boston. Then it was changed to Dulles, then back to Boston. Then...finally Dulles.

So there was several hours of flying with no lights (except the assorted emergency ones), no films, no electric seat recline and most importantly for a sleepy crew, no coffee. Putting every business and first class seat into bed mode manually and back again before landing wrecked our knees! 

At long last, or 445 am, we landed in DC. Thankfully the ground staff had scheduled a new aircraft and crew to take the passengers onwards , while we headed to the hotel. The Krispy Kreme doughnuts were most appreciated Holiday Inn!! 

Now back to work, flying home tonight....By the way 34D, not cool to call the lady sitting  in front of you a lard ass, have a little class please!!

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