26 December 2008


We have all been waiting at the baggage carousel after a flight, waiting for our black rollaboard bag to pop into view. Suddenly it appears in the distance, you get ready for it to come to you when BAM, some traveller with poor eyesight starts to take your bag off the carousel. You have to race over and claim it as your own, usually as their bag comes into view, and is always a different color or vastly different size than the one they tried to take.

You can buy large brightly colored bag tags, but those can come off. Bin Hog has solved that problem by creating tags that wrap around the handle. Hopefully it will slow down the blind bag grabbers that try to take your luggage as theirs. At under $10, they seem a cheap way to keep others mitts off your bags. If you have any Navy or marines in your life, those tags are on sale as I write!! The company is run by a flight attendant, and if that isn't enough, she donates a portion of all sales to TAPS, which is the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, which is a support group for those grieving the death of a loved one that was killed while serving in the armed forces.

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