20 January 2009

In Honor of Today

What an exciting day!!! As the sun sets on former President Bush's time in office, sir I cannot say I will miss you but I do promise to read American Wife. Also, I have been waiting 4 years to be able to call you former President, so no one can tell me I do not know about delayed gratification...


Linnea W said...

Today is wonderful and so are your images. Hi from California!

Heather on her travels said...

Hi Heather

Many thanks for having me on your blogroll. I wonder if you'd mind changing the link so it points at my new blog site.


Many thanks and happy travels

Merisi said...

that was a remarkable day indeed,
thank you for the pictures (DC was my home for many years).

I loved myself silly over the best customer complaint letter, thank you for sharing it! :-)))

indigoCat said...

Even Lincoln is giving Mr. Former President a thumbs-down.