14 January 2009

Postman's Park, or a little London love

Postman's Park is one of the secret spots in London that I love going to. (I can't always travel overseas, sometimes I am limited to my own neighborhood!) It is a tiny little spot I walked past for years before finding out about it on a London Walk.

As the sign above says, it is squashed into the Square Mile between the backs of several churches , office buildings and apartment blocks. It was created as a place for the postmen who had a site nearby, to rest relax and eat their lunch. Yes, amid the tombstones..

The Watts memorial was created to commemorate everyday citizens who gave their lives to save others.  Sort of sad that the wall has not been added to since the early 1900s, each story makes interesting reading and also makes you wonder if people are still so selfless. The plaques are made of Wedgwood china, and if you have seen the movie Closer, you will recognize not only the park but one of the names on the wall.  The Park is still used today by Londoners as a place to eat lunch or get a little peace and quiet. It is rarely too crowded to find a seat and while away the time.


CBI28 said...

wonderful photos, Heather! thank you for taking me on that walk, have to admit I've never been to London - what a shame for a Flight Attendant lol
always happy landings,

Lisanne624 said...

Heather, thanks so much for the wonderful info about Postman's Park. I also "discovered" it during my last visit to London from a London Walks tour. I had heard something about it being featured in the Julia Roberts film "Closer," so I saw that when I got back. It does feature a few times in the film -- one character takes an alias from one of the names on a plaque!