06 January 2009

Now That Is Recycling

Do you ever wonder what happens to old aircraft when they outlive their usefulness? Many are parked in the desert, but some find other lives outside the skies. One Boeing 747, formerly owned by Pan Am, is set to open shortly as a Jumbo Hostel at the edge of Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden.  The plane as a hostel was dreamed up by Oscar Dios, who has renamed the aircraft Lid, after his daughter.  

In place of the seats that occupy a traditional aircraft, 25 rooms with 3 bunk beds have been installed. (I would love to see how they stack up to our crew rest areas, I imagine they have taller ceilings.) There is a luxury suite housed in the former cockpit, with the steering column still intact. I cannot decide if they idea makes me want to run, as I spend so much time on a plane, or check it out. I am passing through Stockholm in March and hope to give it a once over. I wonder if they give crew discounts??

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