01 January 2009

The Resolutions

It seems to be de rigeur for all bloggers to list their resolutions for the New Year, so I will join in and add a few..

1. Take a holiday by myself. I have NEVER done this, and it seems a bit embarrassing to admit. All 'world travelers' seem to have done solo junkets, some lasting for years. I will start small, maybe 3 days in a city, but I will do it...

2.Take more photographs. Now that I have a digital camera and FINALLY got a new Macbook, there is no excuse. I am ashamed to have no photos to look back on ALL the time I spent in Brazil, Chile and Argentina. The excuse that I am not a good photograph does not hold water. Better a crap photo than no photo at all.

3.Stop thinking I can always see things the next layover. My airline is moving our layover hotel in Chicago from a lovely location in the city to the suburbs.Grrr. While I have friends in Chicago, it makes me realize there are SO many things I have not seen there yet, and want to. I really need to take greater advantage of the opportunities I have, as they might not be there tomorrow.

4.Go to China. My airline flies there, I have no excuse. MUST go in 2009.

and for the work resolutions, less gossip, more patience and understanding.....


Blondie said...

Hey! You can become a charter member of my group "Crap Photos R Us"! I'm the Prez--you can be the VP! Come on in!

flying mum said...

I'm with you on the camera thing! I just a new pro-digital camera that I need to start using! And as for China, I've been putting off getting my visa as it's such a long trip to work. But it's one my to-do list for 2009.

I can't believe they are changing the l/o hotel to the new location! I'm from the area and know exactly where that location is. If you don't like shopping then you're out of luck! Boo!