24 June 2008

Celebrities, Strange Reading Material and Bad Hearts

I just returned home from Denver, my new home away from home. What a very strange trip it was. On the way to Denver we had Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits fame in first class. While he is missing the sweatband around his head and the 80s attire I picture him in ( circa Money for Nothing) he was so damned nice I almost wanted to be a groupie. Yes, he was a bit jowly and nearly hairless, but he was so damned nice even before I knew who he was I was digging him. An old man......Boy am I getting old. Especially when some of the crew had no idea who the Dire Straits were. I am sure my singing their songs only hurt their chances of recognition.

When at the layover hotel, my bedside lamps would not work. After changing the bulbs and realizing that was not the problem, I decided to move the night table to make certain they were plugged in. BIG mistake. I looked down at the floor area and there was a friggin mountain of porn there. Literally 2 inches tall of "Club" magazine, apparently stuffed with pages from other magazines. Gross. Years ago when we stayed in an all crew hotel in San Francisco,our pilots usually got the corner rooms. There was ALWAYS porn in the dressers, they would apparently leave it for the next lonely,sad pilot. There are 2 airlines that layover in our Denver hotel, Which airline pilots are the guilty porn hoarders?? I had visions of a pilot checking in after me and getting angry that room 1063 was not vacant.

On the flight home a man told the crew 10 minutes before landing he thought he was having a heart attack. Indeed he was. Luckily all airports have emergency staff at the ready, we were met by paramedics who likely saved the mans life. I am sending good thoughts his way.

Working for an airline, low pay and sometimes low morale but never boring!

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