05 June 2008

I'm Back

Sorry to be so very neglectful of you, my little blog. After spending time at my father's ( dial up, need i say more?) coupled with a punishing 12 days straight of flying and the current 'aviation woes' my heart has not been with you.

But now I am back and will update you on travels of months past. We will go back in time to march, when fuel was cheaper, there was no typhoon in Burma and earthquake in China. We will laugh about my trip to Garmisch. Then we can reminisce about the family obligation tour and the pow wow I attended ( no I am not Indian). We can also ooh and aah at the flowers in bloom in the English gardens, little blog.

The times we will have, starting tomorrow. I swear.....The first post after a time away is always the hardest...


John said...

Looking forward to your posts!

DUNCAN said...

Well its about time! I missed you.