30 June 2008

Maybe He Really Is Everywhere

Chinatown in San Francisco, California is a fascinating place. You could probably fill a blog or book with the sights and sounds of this relatively small neighborhood and not run out of material. The food, the people and the architecture could all make for interesting viewing, but today I am focusing on things you find in those sort of odd stores you only find in tourist areas. The large shops, usually multiple levels that are really five and dime shops of things that you neither need or really see anywhere else, but clearly there is a market for as these shops are always busy.

The one I entered ( hey, it was raining !) was filled with bobble head dolls, chop sticks , fuzzy dice , green tea, Buddhas small and large, woks, 'risque' novelty items and all things Jesus. Seriously, ALL things.

Why not use Jesus to erase your mistakes? I am not actually certain if he is an eraser as well as a pencil topper, maybe that is sacrilegious to use Jesus's head in that manner?
This little pink Jesus ( designed for a female audience presumably) seems to be a modified magic 8 ball. Just think of the decisions this guy could make for you. Should I shave my legs before this date? Do I go out with the crew on this layover or 'slam click'? Which trip should I bid for next month? He could really make my life easier. I notice that the Buddha next to him is on sale, maybe his advice is too mystical?
This product is frankly a little creepy. I did not care for Lincoln's eyes following me at the Lincoln Memorial, I will certainly not pay to have the same effect at home. it seems like his eyes might be day-glo.
How thoughtful of the shop to sell totes that enhance my holiness. I can put all my things Jesus in the bag and go!

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The Flying Pinto said...

That is funny stuff!