17 June 2008

I've Got A Crush On.....Denver

I never saw this coming. It hit me out of the blue. I am really loving flying to Denver. No I do not have a fever! The Denver from my domestic flying days was filled with 12 hour layovers at hotels you could see Stapleton airport from. Room service and a shuttle bus to the airport were the highlights of the trip. The plane was filled with people in flannel shirts and cowboy boots with too much facial hair and they only spoke in grunts. "Coors" , "trash" and "coffee" were the only words I heard from them.

When the heck did things change? Laying over downtown is affording me a chance to explore a new city. Yummy food at Cuba Cuba, browsing the fabulous independent bookstore the Tattered Cover and going on the rides at Elitch Gardens is filling my layovers. The locals also seem to have small town friendliness, which is a bit shocking as I am so used to the big city big hurry ways of London and San Francisco.

In spite of all the good, Denver seems to have its share of quirks as well. The photo below, advertises a certain type of business. Any guesses???

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DUNCAN said...

Happy ending massages perhaps?