26 June 2008

Its All About The Accessories

Skydoll, a fab blogger ( whose name is also Heather, how can I not love her blog?) recently wrote a great post about the collectibles that go along with the profession and the insatiable need to own them. Take a moment, go read her post and come back, I will put on a pot of coffee.Another Flight Attendant Writing About Flying (and other stuff): FLYING CRAP

What she writes rings true with someone that owns the 70s United Airlines Barbie friendship, countless vintage 'stewardess 'ads, junior stewardess wings and other assorted crap, nearly all bought on ebay.

I recently picked up a set of magnets from Last Kiss Comics and they are on the fridge right next to the Dean Morris ones.

Just please don't imagine I live in a house of aviation crap! Most of the stuff is in a box in my dads basement, what with apartments in London being the size of rabbit hutches!!


Blondie said...

I've had the gin and tonic magnet on my fridge for the last couple of years! Come on over one day--you'll feel right at home!!

Skydoll said...

AH-HA! Thanks for linking to my blog! I'll link yours to mine. BTW, the crap went into a tub, and off to storage, while I was out of town flying. You know what that means...gotta buy a new tub. :)