06 January 2008

10 Countries I Would Like To Visit

Today I am going to lift a page from 10 on Tuesdays blog and list 10 countries I would like to visit. As I am so late in posting this list I really do not think it matters that today is not actually Tuesday............

  1. China- My airline does fly there, but I have been to lazy to actually get the visa and go there. Part of me wants to enjoy the culture I have read about in book like Wild Swans and Mao, the other wants to take advantage of the fabulous shopping and beauty bargains there. An ideal trip would combine a half day of culture, soaking in the architecture and people and cuisine, the other getting cheap laser hair removal and clothes tailored for a song.
  2. Bhutan- Such an insular country with such unique and well preserves values and culture would be a memorable holiday. The costs associated with this trip makes it one for a few years from now......
  3. Ecuador/Galapagos Islands- I really enjoy the languid pace of life in so many South American countries, my Dad raved about Ecuador and it is rare to get a seasoned traveler like him to rave about anywhere. I have never been on a safari or other animal geared holiday so I would think the Galapagos would be really special.
  4. Iceland- So close and yet so far. I have been here to drop off passengers having a medical emergency, but would love to see more of Iceland than the tarmac at Keflavik. The blue lagoon alone would make the trip worthwhile...They say the men are ugly and the women are beautiful,which is the sadder part of the equation?
  5. Vietnam- I have traveled to Laos and Thailand, this would round out the Indochina area. I would love to see such a youthful country and how it has repaired and recovered from the devastating war there.
  6. Syria- Ancient ruins baby. Lots of them. I found the antiquities of Lebanon,Jordan, Israel and Egypt magical, I would love to take a peek inside the mystery that is Syria.
  7. Mexico-I have been on layovers there but I would really like to explore the innards of a country that is so close geographically to my home country yet so far culturally. I have not much interest in the beaches but would prefer the natural beauty of Copper Canyon and the ancient beauty of the Aztec ruins.
  8. Morocco- The Atlas mountains are begging to be hiked in and the souks shopped in. I know this will entail sore legs and extensive haggling but it will be worth it. I will have to use my bargaining skills from India and my hiking legs from New Zealand but I am up for it.
  9. Slovenia- I have heard this is like a Disneyland version of Europe. I would like to see for myself. Biking tours and skiing aplenty there, this place beckons anytime of year.
  10. Russia- I have been there several times before but each visit makes be want to return all the faster. I have been no further east than Moscow and LONG for a ride on the Trans-Siberian Railways. I studied Russian history in college and each visit adds another piece of the puzzle together for me.

Feel free to add your own top 10 countries wish list!!! I am always up for ideas/suggestions of places to travel and read about.


Blondie said...

I wanna drink wine in Chile!!

Heather said...

I will drink wine anywhere!!! Nothing beat buying fantastic bottles of wine there on layovers at the grocery store for about the same price as 2 buck chuck!!

The Nasty Stewardess said...

thanks for commenting on my new blog! x