12 January 2008

Throw Out The Old Red Logbooks

When I started flying my Dad got me a little red logbook that I could record my flights in. There were places to note origin and destination, aircraft, flight time , equipment and layover. Sorry Dad, that logbook lasted no more than a year. The computer printouts given to us for tax reasons at the end of the year are all I have to 'remember' flights flown.

Now there is a new free website that can record flight info for crew and passengers. You can log all the info my little red book did, but it will calculate miles flown and create a map to visualize your crazy schedule. Flight Memory is that site, and so far it appears pretty cool for aviation nerds like us. (Count yourself as an aviation nerd if you are reading this, but remember I am a bigger nerd for writing it)!

Hopefully this will last longer than those little red logbooks, which are probably hiding either in a box in my Dads basement or under some bed.

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The Nasty Stewardess said...

wow.... that website is amazing! I've put in all my flights so far in 2008 and:

I've travelled 12,754 miles
I've been in the air for over 38 hours.

What's your total so far?