03 January 2008

A Crafty Stew Indeed

Amongst the ranks of flight attendants are many that have outside jobs, some very creative. One of these is a flight attendant for my company named Coby. Coby is one amazing jewelry maker. I have received 2 of her rings as gifts and let me tell you, those rings get more compliments than the few 'high end' pieces of jewelry that I own. Passengers always compliment me on the rings she has made, some even recognize them as her work, if they have met her on a flight. Coby has no idea I am writing this, this is not a 'paid' plug. Many girls at work create fabulous beaded rings but she is the only one to take the time to create a website to refer passengers and friends to. She makes it to your size and color specs , after seeing rings for sale for outrageous prices at the Holiday Fair in Washington Dc, I finally realized what a bargain her work is. If you have a bare finger that needs a little embellishment or know someone that would appreciate a crafty gift, please check out her website . We need to support our crafty colleagues after all!!

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Meryl said...

Happy new year !
I love your blog thanks for sharing with us what you live in an everyday life :)