26 January 2008

Vintage Travel Posters

These old airline travel posters somehow make places seem more special. Current airline posters do not create that sense of wonder and longing to see new destinations as these ones did.
This reminds you that travel was once a time when women wore gloves and men wore suits to vacation destinations. Ladies carried vanity cases and there were no rollaboards, only large valises. No one had to pass through security or worry about terrorism.
All images are courtesy of flickr.


Blondie said...

Nice stroll down memory lane! Thanks!

Blondie said...

Day-um! I think I actually remember the one for LA from UA! I am ooooo-old!

Prêt à Voyager said...

These are lovely! I recently posted about how I love the vintage/nostalgic feel of the current Amtrak posters.