18 January 2008

Ooooh the Glamour

If anyone imagines that life as a flight attendant is all champagne wishes and caviar dreams.....let my last flight be a reality check. Super smooth flight, lovely passengers, all was quiet on the business class front until 90 minutes before landing. A passenger asks me if it is normal that the sink in the lav should fill with water from below. Um.....no.....crap......

As the rest of the crew make like cockroaches when a light is switched on, I got to investigate. The sinks in both business class lave were filling with water that had been poured down the drain sometime before. Filling quickly. Gloves on, grab plastic glasses and start bailing. Brown murky water that curiously smelled like peach iced tea ( I have to smell everything which can sometimes be a fatal flaw). Bail one sink, cover sink with a tray filled with moistened hand towels, post a 'do not use sink' sign ( ignored) then repeat process in other lav. Repeat. Repeat.

The cockpit says the drain lines must be frozen. I, not so cleverly, decide pouring hot water might ,melt the blockage. Bad idea. Now water is gushing onto the floor.Lock off lavs and put newspaper down to absorb the geyser that is the sink. Yuck... The wierdest part is when the water came into the sink clear then began to turn red as red liquid entered as well. Very special effect, me turning water into wine.

I might complain, well, more than I am here but then there is the crew that had to evacuate a 777 landing in LHR. I'll take the bailing, but only just. Of course they rerouted landing runways so we could not see/photograph the aviation carnage that is a destroyed plane. Thank God no one was hurt. Had to laugh when reading the article on the captain in the Daily Mail,a neighbour described the captain as handsome (okay, maybe...if you like that type) but then went on to say he was handsome like all airline pilots were.......I am cutting this article up, highlighting that quote and putting it in the crew lounge. If you have ever seen a random cockpit crew with cheap haircuts, short trousers and 'sensible' shoes you will see the utter comedy in that quote.

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