11 January 2008

An Open Letter To The Fashion Faux Pas In Economy

Dear Sir,

Thank you for travelling XXX Airlines, we certainly appreciate your business. You were well behaved and reasonably polite, according to the crew that worked your side of the cabin. In spite of this, ALL of the crew have a request for you. Please NEVER EVER wear swim trunks as onboard attire again.

As you can see in the photo I thoughtfully enclosed, some people do look good in these trunks, you had on a nearly identical pair. That is where the similarity ended for sir, you are no Daniel Craig. Even Daniel Craig could not wear these as outerwear on the plane. Well.....maybe HE could, but no one else. But even Mr. Craig would know better.

In addition to the eyesore your out of shape body caused everyone who saw you, there is the climate to think of. You were travelling in January from London to San Francisco. If we were flying to some balmy destination in the Caribbean I would MAYBE give you a pass. Well, with your figure I wouldn't but I could at least see why you might think of wearing this. Most people would opt for sensible trousers, jeans, maybe a woolly sweater as we all know the cabins get cold. Not you.

Please, think of the children. Next time, cover your oversize self.

Thank you,


1 comment:

Blondie said...

Gross! Maybe your guy was my porn boy from a couple of days ago!!