24 January 2008

Jumpseat Reading

I was sitting on the jump seat reading the International Herald Tribune today,when I saw a blurb that Mexico City has started women's only buses, complete with pink signs, on 2 popular routes. At first I thought this was stupid, went back to my crossword puzzle and sucked down my 34th Diet Coke of the flight. Then I remembered my layover in Tijuana and it all began to make sense.

Years ago, when I was a skinny little new hire, I had a layover in San Diego that was particularly long. I was flying with a girl named Windy. Not Wendy, but Windy.I have no idea why that is important, but it is odd what minutiae you remember after a decade. We decided to go south of the border for our layover, we heard they had knockoff bags and pharmacies that would give you anything. I wore a miniskirt, so you can see where this story is going.

No sooner than I had set my first foot into Mexico that I was pinched. Pinched again. And again. I felt like large Mexican mosquitoes were attacking me throughout the day. The men were incorrigible. I am not sure if it is because I was young, stupid, or obviously non Mexican. Maybe all 3. The only thing that mesmerized them more than my behind was my pale skin. Think Dita von Teese ( also actually a Heather) skin tone. They asked me where I was from. Surely Canada they said? Or maybe Norway?? Because you had to be from up north to be so pale was their reasoning. I didn't have the heart to tell them I was raised in Hawaii, I just didn't hold a tan.

After asking the question they would pinch me as I fled. I had expected Windy would have got all the attention, with breasts as large as melons, but I guess the menfolk of Mexico are ass men. So remembering that made the ladies bus all make sense to me. I wonder where Windy is and what she is doing. I also want to know a hasenpfeffer is so I can finish that damn puzzle.

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